Description of the foundation

FirmeThe aim of the Egger-Göldlin Foundation is to allow holders of a polymechanic CFC (3-4 year diploma / trade apprenticeship); issued by a Neuchâtel school; to obtain a grant to assist them in obtaining an HES diploma at the end of their apprenticeship.

The applicant must fulfil admission conditions for the training that he wishes to take up.

The foundation intends to assist applicants whose financial situation does not allow them to obtain a 'cantonal' grant, nor to provide for themselves the necessary financial requirements for studies in a specialised higher education establishment.

Indeed, the 'cantonal' grant allocation process appears complex and very restrictive. The Foundation wishes to compensate for certain situations, where the applicant demonstrates sufficient proof of motivation to complete his training within higher education, but where his financial means would not allow him to.

The Foundation does not consider the applicants' origin, their religion or their age. It is only their will and their desire to succeed that justify the decisions for awarding a grant.