The grant is awarded annually by the Foundation and on a competitive entrance basis. Dossiers from applicants having satisfied the award conditions and demonstrated the greatest motivation in the eyes of the committee will be selected.

The candidates must meet the two following criteria:

  • have received their CFC (3-4 year diploma / trade apprenticeship) in Switzerland as polymechanist
  • want to obtain an HES Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, as business administration engineer, in industrial system management, in design of mechanical systems or similar.

So as to better assess the quality of the dossiers received, the Foundation council requires that admission dossiers contain the following documents:

  • Cover letter: This letter is considered by the Foundation committee as the key component of the request. It must contain the reasons for which the grant is being requested, the motivations of the applicant with regard to why he wants to study and his choices of these studies, as well as his professional objectives once his higher education is completed.
  • Curriculum Vitae,
  • Copy of the CFC in polymechanics,
  • Copy of attestations of employment acquired during the training,
  • Copy of the 'cantonal' grant request, as well as the decision to refuse it,
  • Copy of the enrolment at an HES for civil engineering and of his acceptance by the school concerned,
  • Copy of the applicant's tax return as well as those of his parents (if the applicant is older than 25 years, his own tax return will suffice).

Incomplete dossiers will be returned to the sender.

No grant will be awarded if the committee considers that the financial situation of the applicant is not precarious or if the motivation demonstrated is not judged to be sufficient.